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BBS Tax Services is very professional. I’ve been using this service for 5+ years & have no complaints. Brenda has done an excellent job with completing my personal & business returns along with other business services. I can’t thank Brenda enough for her outstanding services & advice. I have recommended several people to her for personal & business returns. Thank you Brenda for the great services you provide!!!

Miss Brenda is not only knowledgeable but is an intelligent accountant. It’s been many years working with her and we’ve learned a lot. Her accuracy is on point, she knows everything you need to know about filing your taxes. She has opened up a whole new way for us about the way of doing the right thing when it comes to doing your taxes. There was so much we never knew about, and she is one of the best we’ve come across. Besides her knowledge and experience, she is a mentor to us and a person you can rely on to get things done — and the right way, too. You can count on her for advice and she is very reliable to deal with. She make life so easy to deal with all this paperwork. I can say you can count on her if you are looking for one of the best accountants you could ever come across. Miss Brenda is here to help you with whatever questions or needs you may have!

– Annette

Brenda is very knowledgeable and was able to tell me about some of her experiences in the field. What she told me was not only tips about doing some of the calculations. She taught me lessons about what to look out for in the future and how I should protect myself by documenting the business conversations that I have with people. She told me to document deadlines, or anything of importance to protect myself and my job security.

Brenda has introduced me to many members of the NATP (National Association of Tax Professionals) and her other colleagues to help me gain more insight into the finance and accounting field to better wrap my head around some of the opportunities that lie ahead of me. I learned some valuable information from these people and will carry this into my life as well.

Brenda taught me a lot of other very important thing that I can take into my life and especially as I move out of the college phase into the real world. I must take everything serious from this point because I must find something that I want to do for the rest of my life.

During my internship I was able to thoroughly review all tax paperwork that would go into a client’s file. I would go through the paper work check for any errors in the preparation process and by doing this I was able to see what a correct example of a return looks like while being able to identify a problem if there is one and critically think of a way to solve it.

This experience as a whole was a very beneficial way to spend my summer. I learned so much about the accounting field from Brenda and I am confident that what I learned over the 120 hours has already made an impact in my life. I have gained motivation, a stronger insight, and overall interest in the finance field.

Overview of Learning Goals

  • Learn to create an organized system to keep track of and file tax paperwork
  • Learning the importance of confidentiality
  • Learned to make a business plan to set goals and a schedule to reach them.
  • Learned to listen to teammates and use their knowledge to make better future decisions
  • Learned to review and prepare basic tax forms (1040) with assistance
– Joshua T., Intern 2016